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Walking tours: Meet the people behind the photos

  • Private tours are back on!

  • $3000 per group

  • up to 6 persons

  • weekdays only

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Sunset Survivors Tour - Yau Ma Tei

Start time : 11:30am or 2pm

Duration: 2 hours

Explore an oft forgotten district of Hong Kong; home to craftsmen, market workers and gangsters alike. Guests will visit a fourth-generation-owned pawnshop, two elderly brothers who continue to hand hammer copperware pots and gongs, Mr. Shing the convenience store owner, little Ms. Ho who makes and sells traditional Chinese weighing scales, and a mysterious letter writer in the famous Jade Market, who quietly taps away at his 50 year old typewriter. Along the way, we recount intriguing stories about the lives of these wonderful 'survivors' and how they have seen their businesses change.

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Sunset Survivors Tour - Sai Ying Pun to Sheung Wan

Start time : 11:30am or 2pm

Duration: 2.5 hours

Just a stone's throw from the modern city centre, the Western District retains much of Hong Kong's old charm. Guests will visit a bamboo steamer maker whose narrow shop is packed with his creations, an enthusiastic dried fish salesman, the last qi pao tailor in Hong Kong, an inconspicuous shop selling essential oils, and an ancient tea house. Along the way, we will visit shops selling dried seafood and traditional Chinese medicine and learn about the benefits of dried caterpillar fungus, deer tail, bird's nest soup and more!

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Lindsay Varty

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